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Portable Far Infrared Heaters and Coolers

Suitable for all areas - no smell, no fumes, no smoke, economical and efficient!

Portable Far Infrared Heaters

Portable far infrared heaters have extremely low maintenance costs. At full capacity, the heater uses only slightly more than a liter of fuel per hour. The heat is transferred to the room from the heater as the heat is radiated / exuded, which is transmitted to the materials and these materials or objects warm up and return the heat to the room.

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Portable Air Coolers

Fast and immediate cooling solution for all areas! Ideal for large areas such as warehouses, sidelines at sporting events, hotels, shop areas, assembly areas. Evaporative cooling systems offers a lowcost alternative to air conditioning. Easy to set up in the wall, window and roof, not only provide cooling, but also provide good ventilation. They simply use an internal or external water source to provide cooling.

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