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Veltron infrared heaters with a fuel burner are the best on the market

There is no need for a separate flue tube or ventilation pipeline when you use Veltron infrared oil heaters in indoor areas, such as halls, garages, PVC tents, tool rentals, storage halls for heavy equipment, or even churches. The heater does not emit any smell or smoke. Either regular diesel or biodiesel can be used as fuel.    

Pildid / - Ahjude joonisDiesel-powered heaters have extremely low maintenance costs. When working at maximum power, the heater uses a little over one litre of fuel per hour.

If the heated area is, for example, a normally insulated 350-400 m² room, and the outdoor temperature is +0 °C and the desired indoor temperature is +15, then the heater consumes 2-3 litres of fuel per day. Heaters with average power consume 3-4 litres of fuel per day, and the most powerful heaters consume 8-9 litres of fuel per day.

The heat is transferred to the room from the heater as the heat is radiated / exuded, which is transmitted to the materials and these materials or objects warm up and return the heat to the room.

Portable infrared diesel heaters are designed and intended for use in the following locations: large garages, tool rent, car and tractor repair shops (heat, melt efficiently the snow left in serviceable machines), storage halls for agricultural machinery, construction sites (especially drying of concrete, lacquered or painted surfaces), open terraces (restaurants, home terraces, summer kitchens), catering services, outdoor events (tents), sales halls, pavilions, exhibition halls, PVC halls, leisure centers, industrial premises, gardens, other unheated spaces, temporary rooms, cottage. 

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Advantages of infrared oil heater: 

  • The most energy efficient – fuel consumption less than one litre per hour, electricity consumption in the control unit and ignition system 50W;   
  • Fast and efficient heat distribution, heat transfers on to things and people;    
  • Odorless, pollution free;
  • Does not dry the air (compared to traditional radiators);Pildid / - - veltron-150-pruun-2
  • Does not create circulating air thanks to infrared technology (compared to fan heaters);
  • The heater can heat up to 400 m²;
  • Easy digital control system with a timer (four programmes);
  • Convenient remote control, enabling to use the device from a distance;
  • Quiet, only 32 dB;
  • High fire safety level (seventeen security elements);
  • Portable (on wheels);
  • Possible to use in extreme outdoor conditions, such as snow and fog (except for rain);
  • Fuel level indicator display (switches off automatically once fuel runs out);
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Possible to install a 80 mm stainless steel transfer tube (heat tube/condensation tube/flue tube), for the thermal energy released as a result of the combustion process, to be placed in a different room, the 2nd floor or, at most, direct it out of the building, although there is no need for that . Temporary quick heating.

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The efficiency factor of diesel-powered Veltron infrared heaters is approximately 97%

Modern technological solution

The device has a burner with a pump which makes hot gas circulate in ceramic-coated pipes, thus radiating infrared heat. The three-fold combustion process ensures completely pure residual gases, and the heater does not need an additional flue tube, which means the entire combustion result is used for heating. The regular ventilation of rooms is sufficient.

Exhaust system which saves energy and eliminates odours

The cellular system of the precious metal catalyst of the combustion chamber also burns residual gases and ensures an efficient and even combustion process.

General specification

  • Improved touch-sensitive switch
  • Automatic thermostat check
  • Timer 0–24 h
  • Interval timer
  • Sensors and alarm for fuel level, inclination angle, overheating, and combustion process
  • Easy-to-use touch-sensitive switch panel with LED indicator panel and a remote


The heater has 12 safety systems:

  • Ignition safety protection
  • Flame protection
  • Roll-over sensor which switches the heater off
  • Overheating protection
  • Safety system which reacts to power cuts
  • Power supply protection
  • Burner protection
  • Feel level sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Engine start-up help
  • Child lock
  • Programmable switch-off time

Questions and answers

Does the heat also spread in large rooms?

Yes, it does. Infrared heat spreads through very long distances. It does not need a fan for that – infrared heat heats materials, such as walls, floors and items in the room.

Why is infrared heat more efficient than a ventilator?

Infrared radiation heats materials.  Fan heaters heat the air. For example, if you open a window, all the heated air goes out and is replaced by cold air. The materials heated by infrared radiation save the heat and continue to heat the room even after the room has been ventilated. Fan heaters have to start all over again, thus consuming more energy. This is why our heaters are considered an extremely efficient and economic heating source for temporary facilities.

How is it possible that the burned diesel fuel does not leave behind any odour?

If the fuel has been almost completely burned, it does not leave behind any odour or dangerous residue. Carbon monoxide is formed as a result of incomplete burning. After more than 20 years of product development, Veltron has polished the working process to perfection.

Why is there some kind of smell when the machine starts or finishes working?

When the heater starts/finishes working, a small amount of the smell of fuel may be released from the exhaust tube, because the burner cannot completely burn the fuel at the start or end of the process. The odour is not hazardous and can be reduced by using biofuel. 

Can the heaters be started by using the cigarette lighter receptacle of a car?

Yes, they can. At least a 150W inverter is required. So you can also use the heater in trailers or caravans.

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Why does my heater consume more fuel than indicated by the manufacturer?

Veltron VHOE-090 and VHOE-120 consume 0.9-1.24 litres per hour in working mode. Fuel consumption depends on the desired temperature level, roof and wall insulation of the room, number of windows and doors and the frequency of their opening/closing, or whether any cold items have been brought to the room, etc. The heater consumes more fuel at the start of the working process,

because the materials are still cold. Once they have become warm, fuel consumption drops significantly.Pildid / - - 350-hall-1


We recommend that Veltron infrared heaters are serviced in once a year, before or after winter period.

Maintenance is simple, during which we preferably change the fuel filter, clean the air intake from dust, check the inside of the fuel tank to make sure that there is no excessive moisture or condensation. We also check the wheel mounts and other general connections of the device. This kind of treatment takes only one hour and is not expensive. 

Seasonal maintenance includes

  • injector replacement if necessary and fuel filter replacement
  • fuel pump pressure test
  • cleaning the exhaust pipe and cleaning other parts from dust
  • seals are replaced if necessary
  • cracked or broken hoses are replaced