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The patio or summer kitchen is most easily heated by an electric patio heater

The patio or summer kitchen is most easily heated by an electric heater. Veltron infrared patio heaters offer innovative and optimal benefit with least need of space, which provide a complete new way of modern heating technique - on the balcony, terrace, in the winter garden, cafes and restaurants and also perfectly fits as integration in big umbrella systems.

An infrared heater heats people and objects, but not the air. This way, the warmth of the light breeze does not eliminate the warmth and the warming effect can be felt immediately after turning on the patio heater. In addition, infrared heaters are also good mosquito repellents and moisture removers, and the heat released is similar to the sun. It is a human-friendly and environmentally friendly source of heat. The advantage of an electric heater is the stable presence of electricity, uniform heat distribution and economy. For example, a 2 kW heater consumes only 0.26 euro cents per hour.

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Different heaters, different applications. Electric patio heaters have many different applications and therefore have a wide range of devices. When purchasing the appliance, the space in which the radiator is used should be kept in mind. Heaters are very suitable for conditions with high heat loss or irregular use of the room (s). Patio heaters are used on the terraces of restaurants, bars and shopping malls and outdoor eateries, as well as in warehouses, production buildings and the like. for heating. Home users can use heaters in cottages, balconies, outdoor kitchens and terraces.

Veltron range of infrared patio heaters includes ceiling, wind-mounted, ceiling-mounted and stand-alone models. Most of them are suitable for home users as well as HoReCa users.

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The biggest advantage of Veltron heaters is the convenience of operation, which means that these heaters can be controlled wirelessly from the remote control and the heat intensity can be changed. The moisture-resistant Veltron radiators IP65 are all remotely controlled and dimmable (heat intensity adjustable). Veltron heaters can also be dimmable through the SUNKARE app on your smartphone.

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