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Portabel air cooler - fast and immediate cooling solution for all areas!

Portable air cooler Veltron is a completely new cooling solution for offices, small service halls, garages, storage rooms, production buildings. The cooler is also perfect for large kitchens or the terrace of a restaurant, cafe, to ensure a more comfortable stay for customers on hot summer days. This wheeled cooler has also been used in PVC tents or racing boxes for motorsport.
The device refreshes and purifies air from smoke, dust and odors, as well as repels mosquitoes. Four wheels makes it easy to move the air cooler.

There are two different ways to use the device:

  • only as a fan that blows but does not cool the air in the room.
  • air cooler, that is a fan-air cooler that cools the incoming warm air with cold water. The difference between the inlet and outlet temperatures is 10 °C. For example, the inlet air temperature is +30 ° C and the outlet air temperature is + 20 °C.

The cold water tank is located at the bottom of the unit (possibility to connect to the garden hose - continuous water supply). The cooling effect is achieved by evaporating the water from a 40 liter water tank. If necessary, ice cubes can be added to the water tank to make the outgoing air even colder. The unit differs from conventional fans in its function of humidifying the air. The fan blowing speed can be adjusted between three different stages as required.

 Veltron evaportative air coolers

  • Cooling area up to 130 m²
  • Air volume up to 8000 m³/h

  • Power up to 380 W

  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient

  • Low maintenance costs

  • The unit does not require any installation or setup

  • Waterproof motor

  • Water pump protection function against low water level

  • The air deflectors on the front panel move automatically

  • Remote control

  • LED display on the unit and remote controlled

  • Timer

  • Ionizer

  • Corrosion proof heavy duty grey UV resistant cabinet

  • Larger water tank or auto fill hose connection

  • Fully portable with lockable castors

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Working principle of evaportative air cooler

Pads are wet by water recycling and pushed out by hot & dry ambient air is filtered & cooled by passing. Evaporative air cooler works on the principle of heat absorption by moisture evaporation through cellulous pads.
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