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Portable Infrared Diesel Heaters and Air Conditioners

Suitable for all areas - no smell, no fumes, no smoke, economical and efficient!

Portable Infrared Diesel Heaters

Portable infrared diesel heaters have extremely low maintenance costs. At full capacity, the heater uses only slightly more than a liter of fuel per hour. The heat is transferred to the room from the heater as the heat is radiated / exuded, which is transmitted to the materials and these materials or objects warm up and return the heat to the room.

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Portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioner Veltron is a perefct cooling solution for workshop, production line, warehouse, computer shop, camping, office, church, grocery, hospital, hotel, farm, factory, laundry shop, kitchen, construction and other industrial agricultural ways air cooling. Design with universal wheels, easy to move anywhere. Low noise, low weight, compact design to save space. The direction of 1-3 air pipes is adjustable.

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